Paid Ads: To Spend or Not to Spend?

The Indie Hackers newsletter is one of our favorite reads. It's full of ideas, helpful advice, and great resources.This week, their newsletter weighs on the subject of "ad hesitancy":
The reality is that there is no such thing as “free traffic.” The more accurate term is “organic traffic,” which...

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Did a Robot Help Create That Ad? The Answer, Increasingly, Is Yes.

The Wall Street Journal about the role of AI in marketing:But AI is expected to change marketing practices drastically in coming years thanks to new tools like OpenAI Inc.’s automated language generator GPT-3, which allows algorithms to better understand different languages and produce original text content, said Tom Davenport, distinguished...

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Are Search Keywords still a thing?

The other night I was talking with a business owner.I told him "you don't have to worry about search keywords anymore."He sounded relieved and confused at the same time.So what happened to search keywords? Are they no longer relevant?When I went to school, that was many years ago, our math...

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