Did a Robot Help Create That Ad? The Answer, Increasingly, Is Yes.

The Wall Street Journal about the role of AI in marketing:

But AI is expected to change marketing practices drastically in coming years thanks to new tools like OpenAI Inc.’s automated language generator GPT-3, which allows algorithms to better understand different languages and produce original text content, said Tom Davenport, distinguished professor of information technology and management at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass., who co-wrote a 2019 paper on the subject.

That's the same technology Headline uses to help you generate online ad campaigns in record time.

AI’s primary benefit for marketers is its ability to quickly complete projects, such as brand strategy briefs, that would take humans days or weeks, giving staffers more time to focus on other work, said Supernatural Chief Creative Officer Paul Caiozzo.

Don't worry, AI is not coming for your job. What AI allows you to do, is focus your time where you make the most impact.

“AI is just the tool that is freeing me to do my job,” he said. “Most people don’t care how you bake the bread.”

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