Frequently Asked Questions

#How do you create an ad for me?

We scan your website for text and images.

Meet Headline uses a sophisticated AI language model to generate compelling headlines and descriptions.

The AI was trained on hundreds of billions of words, so it has a good understanding of language and content. In our experience, it performs as well as a trained professional.

The algorithm also picks images from your website and crops them to the correct ad format.

This process takes 20~60 seconds to complete, as it requires extensive machine processing, beyond what a personal computer can do.

#How do you reach out to and convert more customers?

We use Google Performance Max to surface ads across all Google platforms and use machine learning to optimize your campaigns.

Google measured Performance Max providing an average increase of 12% in conversion value, at the same or better return on ad spend (source).

Performance Max campaigns reach more customers by advertising across all Google platforms including Search, YouTube, GMail, and the web.

Google’s machine learning does the work for you by optimizing your ads and automatically showing them to those who are more likely to buy and spend more.

#How much should I spend?

That varies from business to business.

A larger budget means Google would show your ad to more prospective customers, resulting in more clicks and leads.

We recommend that you spend at least $50/day to get consistent results. Larger businesses of course would want to spend more than that.

#How long before I see results?

The algorithm “learns from experience”.

Every time it shows your ad, it also looks at the response, and it learns which combination of ad, channel, and target audience brings you the best results.

In our experience, it could take a week before you start seeing consistent results.

It might seem slow at first, but the self-improving algorithm will give you better results over time.

You should also account for ad review which takes 1 to 2 business days. Your Google Ads account is not charged during this period.

#What if I don’t like the suggestions?

We don’t charge for changes. You can make as many as you like, as often as you like.

Meet Headline gives you a head start by recommending ads that reflect your product or service based on the content on your website.

You modify any aspect of your campaign – headlines, descriptions, images, location, CTA, etc.

#What can I advertise?

Your product, service, brand, newsletter, website, book, record album, event, cause, etc.

For safety reasons, certain categories are not allowed, and Google will not run ads in those categories. These include any illegal activities, hate speech, disinformation, malware, etc. Our Terms of Service list these categories. All campaigns are subject to review which may take up to 2 business days.

#What if I have more than one product or service?

You can use that to advertise different products or services for your business or manage campaigns for multiple businesses.

#How can I explain my business in two lines?

We feel you. We can’t explain our business in two lines either :)

The goal of the ad is to draw attention, and then bring people to your website, where they can read more, check prices, book a demo, call you, etc.

It’s hard to know which headline would draw attention, and which description would be the most compelling.

This is why we recommend that you start with multiple headlines, descriptions, and images.

And then let the algorithm measure results and find the best performing combination.

#Do you work with agencies and large organizations?

Email us at and let's talk!